Staff Directory

Name Position Office Phone
Aguilar, Sister Elena Account Payable/Receivable Business Office 403-218-5509
Allen, Alida Ministry Assistant Life & Family Resource Centre (LFRC) 403-218-5505
Astorga, Sergio Building Manager Business Office 403-218-5543
Awad, Nibal Ministry Assistant Health Care
Religious Education
Baltas, Jean Administrative Assistant Vicar General
Diocesan Curia
Bouvette, Father Cristino Diocesan Vocation Director Vocations 403-218-5500
Bouvette, Father Cristino Interim Director Youth & Young Adult 403-218-5500
Briceland, Murray Ecclesiastical Auditor - Case Worker Tribunal 403-218-5530
Brosig, Simone Director Office of Liturgy 403-218-5524
Brown, Anne Transcriber Tribunal 403-218-5550
Cariaga, Harriet Administrative Assistant Youth & Young Adult 403-218-5507
Caulder, Susan Adminstrative Assistant Tribunal 403-218-5517
Churchill, Joann Director Charities & Development 403-218-5534
Cusay, Sister Carmelita Case Worker Tribunal 403-218-5518
D'Souza, Virginia Transcriber Tribunal 403-218-5539
Dawidowski, Miriam Financial Administrator Business Office 403-218-5536
Ediau, Jane Rose Library Assistant Library 403-218-5510
Haywood, Michelle Program Manager Charities & Development 403-228-9723
Henao, Alejandro Executive Director, Temporalities Business Office 403-218-5545
Hinds, Nadia Director of Communications Social Media & Website 403-218-5520
Hollywood, Carol Archivist & Librarian Archives
Jackman, Diane Executive Assistant Bishop's Office 403-218-5526
Jean-Gilles, Sartre Program Manager, Feed the Hungry Charities & Development 403-218-5532
Johnson, Norline Catechetical Resource Consultant Religious Education 403-218-5503
Jones, Samantha (Sam) Data Analyst & Special Events Coordinator Business Office 403-218-5531
Kalincak, Gabriele Director Life & Family Resource Centre (LFRC) 403-218-5504
Kim, Sister Rita Coordinator Mission Council 403-218-5513
LeGeyt, Marilou Coordinator Social Justice 403-218-5519
Martens, Father Adrian Chancellor Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs Office
McGrattan, Bishop William Bishop of Calgary Bishop's Office 403-218-5526
Moutinho, Suzy Volunteer Coordinator Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 403-218-5533
Moutinho, Suzy Human Resources Staff Human Resources 403-218-5533
Mumby, Susan Senior Accountant Business Office 403-218-5535
Nasol, Sister Ely Case Worker Tribunal 403-218-5217
Nguyen, Huy Director of Pastral Ministry Life & Family Resource Centre (LFRC)
Office of Liturgy
Religious Education
Nguyen, Linh Accounts Payable/Receivable Business Office 403-218-5525
Nowak, Theodoric Director of Social Justice & Outreach Ministries Health Care
Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs Office
Social Justice
O'Hara, Lia Communications Coordinator / Social Media & Website Social Media & Website 403-218-5511
Parent, Christine Human Resources Manager Human Resources 403-218-5549
Pudota, Father Anthony Judicial Vicar Tribunal 403-218-5514
Raleigh Smith, Barb Coordinator Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 403-218-5549
Remeteria, Paola Receptionist Business Office 403-218-5500
Robinson, Mary Sacramental Records & Special Projects Business Office 403-218-5540
Schuster, Father John Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General Vicar General
Diocesan Curia
Serrato, Sister Maria Religious Education
Soentgerath, Deacon Michael Director of Health Care Health Care 403-218-5515
Studden, Father Julian Vicar for the Permanent Diaconate Diaconate 403-257-6054
Thibeault, Doreen Coordinator, Charities & Development Charities & Development 403-218-5522
Ungureanu, Raluca One Rock Coordinator Youth & Young Adult 403-218-5548
Vasquez, Haydee Accounts Payable/Receivable Business Office 403-218-5537
White, Halina Programs Coordinator and Consultant Health Care 403-218-5508
Wry, Martha Caseworker, Elizabeth House Charities & Development 403-228-9724

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